java是一种可以撰写跨平台应用软件的面向对象的程序设计语言,是由Sun Microsystems公司于1995年5月推出的Java程序设计语言和Java平台(即JavaEE, JavaME, JavaSE)的总称。本站提供基于Java框架struts,spring,hibernate等的桌面应用、web交互及移动终端的开发技巧与资料

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Retrofit parent-2.2.0 发布,一个类型安全的Java和Android 的REST客户端库-飞网

Retrofit是Square公司开发的一个类型安全的Java和Android 的REST客户端库,这个库为网络认证、API请求以及用OkHttp发送网络请求提供了强大的框架 。Retrofit 库使得从web api下载JSON 或者xml数据变的非常简单直接,一旦数据下载完成即将其解析成普通java类(POJO)。

Retrofit特点 :

拥有出色的API文档和社区支持 ;
可以自动将REST API返回的数据转化为Java对象,且支持多种数据转换格式(如json、xml等) ;
使用Java注解声明HTTP请求 ;
支持 Multipart请求和文件上传;

Retrofit parent-2.2.0 发布,一个类型安全的Java和Android 的REST客户端库-飞网


RxJava 2.x is now supported with a first-party 'adapter-rxjava2' artifact.
New: @QueryName annotation allows creating a query parameter with no '=' separator or value.
New: Support for messages generated by Protobuf 3.0 or newer when using the converter for Google's protobuf.
New: RxJava 1.x call adapter now correctly handles broken subscribers whose methods throw exceptions.
New: Add toString() implementations for Response and Result.
New: The Moshi converter factory now offers methods for enabling null serialization and lenient parsing.
New: Add createAsync() to RxJava 1.x call adapter factory which executes requests using Call.enqueue() using the underlying HTTP client's asynchronous support.
New: NetworkBehavior now allows setting an error percentage and returns HTTP errors when triggered.
HttpException has been moved into the main artifact and should be used instead of the versions embedded in each adapter (which have been deprecated).
Promote the response body generic type on CallAdapter from the adapt method to the enclosing class. This is a source-incompatible but binary-compatible change which is only relevant if you are implementing your own CallAdapters.
Remove explicit handling of the now-defunct RoboVM platform.
Fix: Close response on HTTP 204 and 205 to avoid resource leak.
Fix: Reflect the canceled state of the HTTP client's Call in Retrofit's Call.
Fix: Use supplied string converters for the String type on non-body parameters. This allows user converters to handle cases such as when annotating string parameters instead of them always using the raw string.
Fix: Skip a UTF-8 BOM (if present) when using the converter for Moshi.


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